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  • (Español) ahorro energia fabrica

Project Details


Textile industry with three areas of 1500m2 each. Production floor, warehouse and office building. The total annual electricity consumption is 1.6GWh.

Adopted measures

This project has two phases. The first phase concerns lighting and air conditioning of the warehouse and office building.

The second phase included the implementation of the control software DexCell Energy Manager.

The electricity rate management is put in the hands of Energetips changing provider.


Lighting substitution results in a consumption saving within this area of 45%. Regarding air conditioning a new usage plan is implemented that will save by the end of the first year a 27% in AC consumption. These measures together with the new rate result in a total cost saving in the final electricity bill of 36%.

Through real time measurement we have been able to detect and eliminante production passive consumption that amounts to 10% of the total consumption. Moreover, the real time reactive and demand load alarms have avoided any penalties in the last two years.

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